rule 01

Safe place

Find a safe place to play (indoors, in the backyardclose to
home, in a public garden, on the playground at the beach, etc.).

rule 02


Invite a friend (or several!) to play with you.

regra 03

usa a

At home, you can look for materials that you can take
outsideand play with. But, if you prefer, you can make up games
without any material. Just turn on the imagination button!

rule 04

Pick up the Materials

If you want to make a gameor a specific gamechoose the
materials you need for the activities you want to do.

rule 05

give up

Don't give up right away: play with enthusiasm and
with pleasure, to improve your motor skills.

rule 06


If you feel like it, make up different ways to play.

rule 07

Challenge your friends

Talk to your friends about your favorite games and
activities: challenge them to come out and play with you!

rule 08

Set up
the days

Agree with your parents which are the best times of the day and week to
play (and, if possible, agree on the best times to play together).

rule 09


Talk to your parents, siblings and friends about the meaning
of "fair-play". Playing/training is not about winning at any cost.

rule 10


Learn to play on a regular basis. It is good for your health,
and you can do it throughout your life.

roda o ecrÃ
para jogar
Sound off
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