will you
pass me
the ball?

"Passing" the ball (volleyball-like) is more of a challenge than it seems, as it requires great attention, good placement of the hands and fingers (in relation to the ball) and, of course, persistence to practice many times. You shouldn't give up right away. Place the ball above your head with both hands wide open, touching it with your fingers only, and pass it to your partner. Another way to pass the ball is to join both hands with both fingers (thumbs) facing up and stretching your arms in order to hit the ball in the direction of your partner.


 To practice, throw the ball into the air and then try to touch it with both hands (using only your fingers) so that it is thrown back into the air. Try several times without dropping the ball on the ground. How many times can you repeat it?

At a short distance (3/4 meters), ask your partner to pass you the
ball to the middle part of your body. Try to pass the ball to him by
touching it with your forearms (hands together) and thumbs facing up.
How many times can you repeat this?


Establish a distance of 3/4 meters and try to pass the ball to your
teammate over his head (1) or underneath (2). How many times did you pass the ball without dropping it?

roda o ecrÃ
para jogar
Sound off
Best experienced with sound