todaywe jump
will you jump, too?

Jump rope is more than just jumping over some rope.To get started, you place the rope on the ground behind you, keeping one handhold in each hand. Then you twist your wrists so that you give momentum to the rope (which will pass over your head) and jump over it as it passes in front of you. If you find it easier, you can do an intermediate jump between each turn.


Jump forward with your feet together, when the rope passes
underneath. Tip: You should be relaxed and fall gently onto
your tiptoes. Try counting how many jumps in a row you can do.

Jump backwards. To do this, place the rope in front of you
and rotate the rope behind you, over your head. Can you jump
five times in a row?


Do a gymkhana: draw a line on the ground and jump from
one side of the line to the other at the same time as you
jump on the rope.

Sound off
roda o ecrÃ
para jogar
Best experienced with sound