strenghtin those feet:

"Kicking" is one of the most used skills when you play football. It sounds easy, but when you have to kick hard or hit the goal, you need to make very different decisions. One thing is to kick with the ball stationary, another is to kick with the ball in motion. The difficulties are different, but you can improve by trying various techniques.


Set a distance between you and your partner. Try to kick the ball with your right or left foot with enough power and "aim" for it to reach your partner's position. How many times can you kick the ball after controlling it (standing still)? And directly, when it is in motion?

Find a wall that it is safe to kick the ball against. Then play, kicking the ball against the wall (with your right foot or left foot), followed by your partner. How many times can you kick the ball in a row?


Use a goal (real or with marks on the ground of a set width).
With a mark on the ground, also mark the distance you are going
to (7 to 12 steps from the goal line). Try to kick in such a way that
you can hit the goal without your teammate being able to defend the ball. How many goals can you score in ten shots? Then you switch and become the "goalkeeper". How many shots can you save?

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