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Making someone fall can be a complicated task, even more so because we can be the ones who fall... In this activity, we propose that you take advantage of your partner's strength to make them fall. A trick: just push when your partner pulls, or pull when they push.


On your knees, facing each other, two friends grab each other,
pushing or pulling depending on the direction of the other's force.
Hint: grab your friend by the arms and/or jacket and try to make him fall to the ground. And now, can you keep him on the ground after he falls, so that he doesn't move? Yes? Good.

Draw a circle on the ground and place a foot there. Ask your
friend to do the same. Grab each other by the arms and pull/push
each other, trying to get the other out of the circle. Can you do the
same thing by grabbing with only one hand?


A friend lies on his stomach. Now you just have to turn him on
his stomach. Isn't that easy? Doesn't he let you? Try kneeling down next to him and grab his arm and the leg on the other side. Then pull him toward you, and lift him up at the same time. Is it done? Was that easy?

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