let's playwith
beach rackets

You have surely seen many people playing with rackets when you are at the beach. Although it may seem difficult at first, you can play too (and well!). All you have to do is learn to hold the racket right and control the ball.


With one hand, throw the ball into the air, and with the other, hold
the racket facing up. Try to make repeated strokes, keeping the ball in the air. How many strokes can you make without dropping the ball on the ground? What about your partner?

With the racket, throw the ball against a wall to create bounce.
Repeat until you lose control of the ball. How many times did you
get it? You can also have your partner (dad, mom, friend) play with you against the wall, one at a time.


Set a distance of 3 to 4 meters. Hit the ball with your racket
toward your partner and repeat when he returns you the ball back.

roda o ecrÃ
para jogar
Sound off
Best experienced with sound