jumpingis flying!

Have you ever thought about that?
Jumping always implies "flying" after
the last support, followed by landing
as far away as possible...


Jumping forward: place two parallel ropes on the ground, spaced
apart with a large step (you can also draw two lines on the ground or place two stones or sticks to mark this distance). Do a push run and jump over the marks, without touching them. Did you succeed? Move away from them (one foot of measure) and repeat the jump. Each time you manage to jump without stepping on the markers, move them another foot away.

Jump up: attach a rubber band to two chairs (benches, trees,
gate, etc.), at three large steps. Do an impulse run and jump over
the rubber band without touching it. Did you make it? Raise the rubber band (5 finger lengths) and repeat. Each time you can jump over it without touching the rubber band, go up five more fingers.


If you have access to a sandbox track, you can try a nice long jump without much risk. If you have a place to do a high jump with a mattress, you can try to jump higher without hurting yourself.

roda o ecrÃ
para jogar
Sound off
Best experienced with sound