Let's try score a basket? Tip: you can
aim at the table (or the wall) above the
basket and bounce the ball into it.


Grasp the ball above your head, look at the ball and then at the
basket. Take aim and throw, stretching your arms and leaving your fingers in the direction of where you want to throw. Did the ball go in?
Can you shoot and basket 3 times in a row? If your legs bend a little and stretch during the throw, they'll be a big help!

Take advantage of the exisitng lines or draw a large area in front
of the basket.Assign five different throwing sites throughout the area and throw the ball from each of them (you only move on to the next one when you score a basket). You can have a contest with your friends to see who takes the course with the fewest throw attempts.


Facing the basket, you try to shoot from the farthest distance. 
You move one step backwards each time you score a basket.

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